Bird of prey bicycle – The fastest racing bicycle in the world!

Bird of Prey bicycleBird of Prey bicycle is a new and completely insane breed of a two-wheeler with pedals. There are many differences between a regular bicycle and the Bir of Prey bicycle but the one most obvious one is the seating position.

When it comes to different kinds of seating positions, we are all familiar with recumbents and uprights. However, there is also a third option that is lesser known. This one is called prone. These types of bikes were usually one-offs and their goal was to break speed records. Now, things are changing. The Bird of Prey bicycle is a semi-prone and it can be used by everyday users. It looks a bit extreme but, it does have several advantages over the other types of bikes.

Bird of prey bicycle – The fastest racing bicycle in the world!

Bird of Prey bicycleJohn Aldridge, an architect who loves riding bicycles and racing, designed the Bird Of Prey bicycle in 1991. However, he wasn’t confident enough to show it do anyone but, after a while he decided to give it a try. He went to Russ Denny, a bike-builder, who was able to give it a physical form. In 2015, the Bird of Prey bicycle has gone official.

The Bird of Prey bicycle has a peculiar form. The rider lies front-down and looks ahead and up. The bicycle features leather pads that support hands, elbows and the rider’s hips. The legs, on the other hand, stick straight out the back. The rider might as well be swimming in this kind of position!

The reason of this position is simple – to make the bicycle faster, the center of gravity must be low. The Bird Of Grey allows for agile handling and makes the rider very aerodynamic.

Despite its appearance and the seating position, this bicycle is also pretty safe to ride. According to the designer, you can’t fly over the handlebars in a┬ácase of a panic stop. The rider’s body mass is low and that make it pretty impossible to happen.

Be that as it may, it still looks like visibility may be a bit of a challenge. Seeing and being seen in that position is definitely tricky. Check out what the designer has to say about it!