Biski amphibious motorbike turns into a jet ski in 5 seconds!

BiskiBiski amphibious motorbike is one of the 3 new recreational vehicles of the serial amphibian creator Alan Gibbs. Of course, it’s no surprise that all of them are as outrageous as this one- in a good way! Supposedly, he wasn’t really satisfied with making ridiculously – looking cars, trucks and quad-bikes so, he went for a motorcycle – Biski that can be ridden straight down a boat ramp into the water.

If you’re one of the many fans of 007, then you’ll probably like such a creation because it does look like a real-life gadget from a James Bond movie. It just looks like something that maybe Batman would ride if he were ever to gain 40 pounds, lose his fortune and maybe move to Florida. The Biski is quite a compelling machine and you can get that just by looking at the exterior.

Biski amphibious motorbike turn into a jet ski in 5 seconds!

It’s not like the world hasn’t seen amphibious motorcycles or vehicles in general but, with this one there is almost no delay in switching from road mode to water mode. As a matter of fact, the whole process is done in no more than 5 seconds! For those who like to enjoy the momentum of switching, we have some bad news. Those who don’t, will happily convert to jet skis at a touch of a button, retracting the wheels out of the way while quickly adjusting to the water mode.

The Biski technology uses a single engine, providing power both on land and in the water while producing 55 HP that are sent to the rear wheel. The Biski wheels are lifted clear off the water thanks to a patented suspension. When that happens, two water jets start to propel the vehicle. Namely, the Biski bike is capable of reaching 37 mph while on water and up to 87 mph on the road. Gibbs also claims that this creature of his is highly stable in the water.

This Biski machine weighs 500lbs and it comes with lights suitable for both marine and road navigation. Check it out!