Bizarre crash at Porsche Carrera Cup will leave you speechless!

Bizarre crashBizarre crash between  Joffrey De Narda and Jules Gounon could definitely take the cake if there ever was a contest about funny motorsports accidents; because one thing is certain – you can’t see such a thing coming.

Car crashes are anything but a joke; however, this stack at the Porsche Carrera Cup really did manage to left racing enthusiasts worldwide scratching their heads. Shortly after the start of the race, while rounding a tight bend in considerable traffic. two pretty expensive sports cars became entangled and one of them ended up going over the top – and we mean that literally.

Bizarre crash at Porsche Carrera Cup will leave you speechless

In an instant, Jules Gounon’s car resembled a monster truck, crawling onto the roof of the Carrera of Joffrey de Narda. Gounon’s car became pretty balanced atop the other one and both rested like that until someone get there to help. Tonka toys, indeed. Check the Bizarre crash video out!

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