Black Pearl – A Steam Powered Motorcycle!!

Black Pearl Black Pearl

This one of a kind motorcycle was constructed by Revatu Customs and succesfully blends a motorbike with a locomotive. The bike was unveiled at the Bigtwin Bike Show in Rosmalen, Holland.

The motorcycle flaunts its fully functioning steam engine, with the rear wheel driven by a big crankshaft mechanism. A bell and a steam horn is also attached along with two shock absorbers that connects the steering to the wheel through a trailing link structure, with a drum brake that is assigned with the task of stopping the vehicle.

Black Pearl – A Steam Powered Motorcycle!!

However, the speed doesn’t really cope with the size of the vehicle, as the Black Pearl is only able to achieve a top velocity of 5 mp/h.

The concept may be not be very practical for day-to-day life, but shows the human creativity at its best.

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