1974 Blown Rolls Royce, a custom build that has it all!

Blown Rolls Royce1974 Blown Rolls Royce, a custom build that has it all! It says Pro Classic on the plates, but it might be more Pro Resto? There are plenty of bog stock Rolls Royces in the world, there are plenty of Weld Convo Pro wheels, and plenty of blown big block V8s even. What we don’t have enough of are those elements combined in one package.

Custom 1974 Blown Rolls Royce!

The guys who built this are true craftsmen and they’re running a metal fabrication business called PJP. Petri and Raine produce anything you want in the material. This beast has got a 462ci GM V8 engine, Mooneyham 14/71 Supercharger, full teflon belts, 2×1150 Dominator carbs and 200bhp nitrous! TH400 auto box transmission, three lever shifter, Strange shafts, QA1 suspension kits, BMW E36 components, and Wilwood Drag lite discs and calipers.

The two tone ruby metallic paint will merely prepare you for the all leather luxury interior. With one look at this Rolls Royce, it takes no expert to tell that this isn’t something that you’re going to stumble across at just any race track. The metal, leather, wood and carbon fiber all work so well together. Check out this masterpiece of a car that is located in Finland!