Blue Collar Bobbers for an old school, notorious hot rod!

Blue Collar BobbersBlue Collar Bobbers – what is it and what do I get from it? Well, let the journey begin. Blue Collar Bobbers are just a bunch of guys who can’t stand to see bikes look not-so-cool. These guys have the power to turn your bike into an amazing hot rod, while making it a true head-turner. Blue Collar Bobbers actually build high quality kits. The best thing about these kits is that they are pretty economical so, anyone can install them. The kits change the seats, lights, rear fenders, license and handlebars.

Blue Collar Bobbers for an old school, notorious hot rod!

Of course, if you want something more, you can always have it. For the extra WOW tag you can get them to powder coat your stock rims and add an exhaust wrap. Yes, every single part is thought through carefully and is designed for a specific motorcycle. In addition, Blue Collar Bobbers also have a DVD on which they show how to install every single piece. You can do it all by yourself!

Blue Collar BobbersWhen it comes to what kind of kits they offer, well, let’s say that you just have to check out the customer bikes and the their galleries. Blue Collar Bobbers do everything that is in their power to make those custom parts match your wishes and the stock tanks. Either way, the transition that you’re going to witness is definitely worth the try.

If you want make your bike look like a mean machine or give it a bit life, then feel free to contact them. Remember, the choices are unlimited- your machine, your design. Blue Collar Bobbers made this video below to answer the FAQ about their work. Well, check out what they have to offer and see if you like what they do! Check out the video below!