BMW 1M goes sideways on world’s highest helipad in LA!

BMW 1MBMW 1M is one of BMW’s rides that has seen many things. By many things I also mean one of the highest helipads in the world- the U.S Bank landing pad. BMW really raised the stakes here; drifting a 1M atop a landing pat in Los Angeles is definitely courageous and most of all, exciting and scary.

A change to an aerial view at the begging of the video makes you wonder what you’re in for because you’re looking at one building helipad, a very high one indeed. You may even miss the first shot as the BMW looks pretty small and you may try to focus on the ant-sized cars at first.

BMW 1M is ready for insane things

There was also another video of this BMW 1M drifting to concrete walls but many people were skeptical about it and said that the walls were computer graphics images. That led us to suspect the authenticity of this one; would this BMW or any car for that matter, get permission to perform something like this with no safety equipment, except for a helmet?

Nevertheless, we must admit that we love seeing 335 HP twin turbo do this sky-high. It may be fake but, the truth is, it’s exciting to watch this kind of action. There are movies with unrealistic settings but let’s face it- we love them too.