BMW drift – an epic V8 swap with Precision turbo!

bmw driftBMW drift – an epic V8 swap with Precision turbo! These have to be some of the coolest car folks EVER! When you think about BMW drift, the E30 M3 series is not what comes to mind. But this one here is different. It’s sporting a BMW V8 from a 5 series car and a big Precision turbo. When they asked the reporters if they wanted to see some burnouts, they got a little more than they anticipated! One of the guys took the passenger seat to witness this massacre of the street tires they bolted on at the last minute and what follows is nothing short of pure awesomeness!

BMW drift – an epic V8 swap with precision turbo!

Building a drift car is a dream that keeps many enthusiasts awake at night. In most cases it leads to daydreaming. But as it happens in the case of drag racing-destined machines, the temptation to leave the track behind and “test” your car on the streets might prove too difficult to resist. As a result, an average nighttime driver might find traffic more complicated than it used to be, since drifters can easily move from the background to the foreground in a spool of a turbo.

The freshest example of this, the BMW drift, takes us to the Swedish street racing scene. We’ve shown you the way in which Swedish street racers dodge the police, but that had to do with the unofficial national street drag racing championship (a complicated name for a complicated adventure). However, on this occasion, we’re dealing with a drifting crew and these guys have turned to the already-classic V8 swap E30 BMW path. Their Bimmer uses the heart of a 540i (we can’t be sure about the generation, though), while a 66mm Precision turbo was added for appropriate firepower. Check out the awesome BMW drift in the video!!!