BMW K100 customed in two different ways – The double vision effect!

BMW K100BMW K100 customed amazingly  and the story behind their existence.
When talking about BMW K100 customed to-be, the K100 is probably one of the last ones that gets picked to undergo such a change. It’s bulky, hard to restyle and a bit awkward but, for some guys it’s worth the try.

BMW K100BMW K100

BMW K100 customed in two different ways – The double vision effect

Philipp Wulk, a lawyer and photographer is one of the few people that can testify to that. Customizing a BMW K100 wasn’t exactly his plan all along but, he wanted to tear into his R65 and picked up a BMW K100 just because he needed a daily runner. Just like that, he fell in love with it and started to sketch out ideas, realizing that the ride has great potential. Unfortunately, he was held back by a lack of welding skills and just when he nearly shelved the idea his friend, Matthias Pittner arrive for some beer. When Wulk showed his 2 rides to his friend, Pittner immediately fell for the BMW K100 and as he was a prior graffiti artist who is now a master craftsman the whole idea suddenly made more sense.

BMW K100

Things got really interesting for them when have tied to different artist. They have both picked an artist for each bike to create a unique “kit” for their BMWs K100 customed to be. They had no particular expectations from them and let them do what they thought would be right. The one that stands behind the art of the grey version is Fabian Gatermann who replicated the cowl in CAD and the fuel tank while hand painting the to look awesome.
Matthias Edlinger, the secod artists, wrapped his parts and combined collages and paint to create the desired effect.
Both bikes got their own set of wheels, extensive wire work has been done and lots of other things as you can see, including the hand-made exhaust, fitting a K&N filter, speedo brackets, headlight brackets, license plate holder and other fabricated bits. The art is real- enjoy the view. Double Vision BMW K100 video below!