BMW M235i Coupes go drifting – The epic Driftmob is on!

BMW M235i CoupesBMW M235i Coupes go for a little ride and yes, it’s epic.

BMW has finally released footage of what’s called the Driftmob to show that their rides know how to smoke tires. Taking something like the flash mob ┬áto the automotive world takes skills, tires and definitely guts. Luckily, we can say that these 5 BMW M235i Coupes and their drivers have that in abundance. That’s why they took the fun outside of course, and drifted around a Cape Town roundabout.

BMW M235i Coupes epic Driftmob is on!

The road obviously had to be closed but, either way the spectators had no idea what’s coming. You can have a watch below so you can sate your appetite for sideways. It’s one hell of what we can call a synchronized drift so, enjoy!