BMW M4 tearing its way through a futuristic racetrack ladnscape!

BMW M4BMW M4 shows what it has got.

We don’t always have to show off what the best vehicles in this world can do on a random racetrack. Instead, we can always bring a bit more imagination on the table and do things differently. As we’ve already seen the BMW M4 hit the ‘ultimate racetrack’, someone figured it’s time to do/see something else. That guy, along with the folks at BMW, is Alessandro Pacciani.

The twin-turbocharged 430-HP that you’ll see in the video below do what it does best on suspended racetrack.  Well, let’s just say that it’s even more awesome than what we’ve expected. How many times do you see a BMW showing off the racing capabilities at the center of what seems to look like a factory? That’s what I’m talking about – originality.

BMW M4 tearing its way through a futuristic racetrack ladnscape

Like it or not, Pacciani did a great work.  The BMW M4 is dodging pop-out barriers on a dedicated track perched high above, away from traffic. Imagine what would you do if you had the opportunity to take this beast on such an adventure. Well, if you can’t afford it or you lack creativity, then you can always watch how others are doing it.

There are parts of the footage that are obviously not real but, the quality in unquestionably high enough to get your heart pounding. It gives you an impression of Formula 1; though, make no mistake: it isn’t. Check it out!