BMW S1000rr 2016 leaves a Porsche in the dust!!!

BMW S1000rr 2016BMW S1000rr 2016 that says bye bye Porsche.
We don’t have much information about what’s going on here but, it really doesn’t matter that much because everything is pretty clear – a BMW S1000rr 2016 motorcycle wins a speeding battle against a Porsche. It’s a ludicrous dangerous move but, we suppose that it was worth it considering how much the biker actually had to risk to graciously pass by a car that doesn’t have a reputation of being slow.

BMW S1000rr 2016 leaves a Porsche in the dust.

We don’t even know if the Porsche driver could do something more to catch up with it, but we surely are glad that he didn’t risk it. What’s really scaring and terrifying in this whole situation is realizing that the BMW S1000rr 2016 motorcycle rider doesn’t really have any protective gear on him, except for the helmet, which wouldn’t do much, considering the speed. As a matter of fact, we’re not sure if any kind of gear could do much when reaching 320 km/ph on a motorcycle.Check it out!