“Bombshell”, a hardcore rock bouncer given as a surprise gift!


Check out this awesome buggy called “Bombshell” built by Jarod Yankee! He is the man that is raising the bar for when it comes to the off-road world. What was once his “White Trash” CSC buggy will now be known as the Bombshell. This hardcore rock-bouncer that you guys will be drooling over is, believe it or not, a surprise present for his girlfriend!

Shannon’s reaction is priceless! You can see how she falls in love with her gift! This custom Bouncer features a rear engine LS1, th400, 3.0 Atlas transfer case, 14bolt axles and 43″ Tires! Take a look at this insane present in the first video. In the second video you can see the craziness of the Bombshell. Enjoy!