Bosozoku gang – crazy and distinctive culture and lifestyle!

bosozoku gangBosozoku gang – crazy and distinctive culture and lifestyle! The word Bosozoku is applied to motorcycle subculture with an interest in cars and motorcycle customizing, often illegal. This includes making noise by removing the mufflers on their vehicles so that more noise is produced.

bosozoku gangBosozoku groups engage in dangerous or reckless driving, such as weaving in traffic, and running red lights. Another activity is speeding in city streets, not usually for street racing but more for thrills. With many bikes involved, the leading one is driven by the leader, who is responsible for the event and is not allowed to be overtaken.

Bosozoku gang – crazy and distinctive culture and lifestyle!

Many members were from the lower socioeconomic class and they may have joined the gang to express their dissatisfaction with the society. Gang fights were also common where weapons like Molotov cocktails, steel pipes, baseball bats and wooden swords were used. The biker members usually have tattoos and customize their bikes to have their own distinctive styles which are usually showy, colorful and noisy. The bosozoku uniforms are usually passed down and could not be washed as this is the rule by their gangs.

Japan has taken inspiration from these modified motorcycles and used the term bosozoku for their quirky and creatively modified cars. Bosozoku cars tend to be flashy and have exaggerated, over-the-top designs.

bosozoku gang

Like this curious creation here, who would actually come up with this s**t?

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