Bugatti Royale 2016 Sedan concept will become reality!!!

Bugatti Royale 2016Bugatti Royale 2016 Sedan concept can definitely said to be one of the most troublesome concepts regarding the company. It’s a concept formerly known as 16C Galibier from 2009 that made quite a fuzz back and was expected to hit the market until 2015 but, unfortunately, it was never really seen to join the Bugatti army. However, now represented as the “Bugatti Royale 2016” the course of action is changed as we can expect to see this amazing sedan on the streets, probably later this year.
So, what was so amazing about the 16C Galibier that made everyone lose their mind? Well, the 16C stand for the cylinder from its 8,0-L twin turbo W16 motor that was to produce around 850 HP. So, because the Bugatti Royale 2016 sedan is basically the Galibier with a new name we assume that we’re going to see the same power supplier. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Furthermore, the Bugatti Royale 2016 sedan is really an incredibly composed feline with well-manufactured motor and a four wheel drive framework. You can surely expect this to be Bugatti‘s special on the menu and of course, there are more reasons to this conclusion; let’s not forget that the first and only Royale was launched back in 1927. Back then, it represented ultimate luxury with its 12.7-liter straight 8. Its reincarnation, as mention previously, will carry the W16 linked to an electric motor and we can’t say that we expected anything less.

Bugatti Royale 2016 Sedan concept will become reality

Some say that the Bugatti Royale 2016 exterior is really something that the exterior is characterized with inconspicuous features but, this outcome is actually extraordinary as many experts put a lot of effort to make it look unique, fabulous and rich. The outside of the 2016 Bugatti Royale Sedan depicts luxury and masculinity symbolizing smooth refinement which is definitely not easily achievable. For all I see, it could attract anybody to sit and enjoy the experience of the Bugatti Royale 2016.

Nevertheless, what’s really dazzling about the Bugatti Royale 2016 interior. The perfect mix of ordinary parts, intriguing wooden look and a bit of vintage style is surely appealing. The well-known cocoa shading on the dashboard and controlling wheel are hard to say ‘no’ to.

When it comes to the Bugatti Royale 2016 price, rumor has it that it will comprise of 7 figures or in other words $1.4 million. Is it worth it? We’ll just have to wait and see. Check the Bugatti Royale 2016 video below!