This 1948 Buick Super Icon Derelict looks innocent, but if you see what’s under the hood…

buick super icon derelict

image of buick super icon

This 1948 Buick Super Icon Derelict convertible looks innocent, but if you see what’s under the hood… you’d be very surprised! This video is about one special Icon Derelict project, which is the latest in the ICON derelict line. The 1948 Buick Super was found in Pennsylvania in 1958. The founder, Jonathan Ward, finds vintage bodies, stuffs them full of modern horsepower, and puts very capable chassis underneath the unrestored chassis body.

This attention to details can make even a car geek not notice what is underneath that hood. That is the case here, with this car A 1948 Buick Super Convertible on the outside but a Corvette ZR1 inside. The supercharged LS9 engine is packing 660 hp! This Icon Derelict is mind-blowing, everything that has been restored looks modern, but authentic, and is in compliance with the whole retro look, including the high-end leather interior, whose color tends to fade over time.

This Buick Super Derelict was shown on Jay Leno’s show and one car show in Pebble Beach and it received a lot of love and attention. I mean, how can it not? ZR1 motor with 660HP, 690 lb ft of torque, and it looks gorgeous!!!

Check out the video to watch the whole building process of this incredible project!