What is carbon fiber , how it is made and what’s it used for!

What is carbon fiberWhat is carbon fiber ? Sometimes called graphite fiber, carbon fiber is a polymer. It is a material that is very strong and lightweight. How strong? Well, carbon fiber twice as stiff and 5 times stronger than steel. That’s right. But, despite from being stronger and stiffer it is also lighter than steel. These particular features make it an ideal manufacturing material. There is not a engineer in this world that doesn’t favor it.

However, to answer the question what it carbon fiber , we first need to find out what it is made of. Carbon fiber is made of strong crystalline filaments of carbon. In addition, it can be thinner than a strand of human hair with the difference of being much stronger.
These are some of the advantages of carbon fiber over the other materials:

● High in stiffness

● High in tensile strength

● Has a low weight to strength ratio

● High in chemical resistance

● Is temperature tolerant to excessive heat

● Has low thermal expansion

What is carbon fiber , how it is made and what’s it used for

What is carbon fiberTake all of that into consideration and it would be difficult for you to comprehend why carbon fiber is so popular. After all, we use it in many industries such as military, aerospace and automotive.

The process of making carbon fiber is part mechanical and part chemical. First, we start by drawing long strands of fiber and heating them. During this step it is essential not to let the fiber contact oxygen as it will burn. This is when the atoms inside of the fibers vibrate violently, or in other words, the carbonization takes place.
Of course, the process of making carbon fiber is much complex and pretty long. Additionally, it requires having proper equipment that surely isn’t cheap and easily affordable.

Nevertheless, carbon fiber is very useful and find purpose almost everywhere.