Carbon fiber motorcycle – The Brough Superior Moto2 GP gets a new outfit

Carbon fiber motorcycleCarbon fiber motorcycle came to life thanks to the designer John Keogh and builder Paun Taylor. The carbon fiber motorcycle is a unique racing bike that has got a monocoque chassis. So far, the carbon fiber motorcycle is the only two-wheeler with that particular feature. Taylor, John and their team managed to create the carbon fiber motorcycle using the latest Formula 1 technology. Thus, it ought to be epic.

When you hear the name Brough Superior , the image that conjures up surely isn’t a Moto2 race bike. However, with the latest update in the automotive industry that may all change. The carbon fiber motorcycle made its debut at the Petersen Museum. This one is made to race.

Carbon fiber motorcycle – The Brough Superior Moto2 GP gets a new outfit

Carbon fiber motorcycleThe Brough Superior Moto2 GP has some pretty interesting design elements. For starters, the radiator draws air from the front part of the bike. In addition, it is situated in the tail section. Furthermore, the folks behind the build put the fuel cell vertically below the seat and at the Cg of the motorcycle. The swing-arm is super stiff and it is also made from carbon fiber. You can find a fork tube up front and wishbone configuration.

Yes, that’s a familiar design element for those of you who own a BMW but, not for the rest of the world. The carbon fiber coat on this bike may be the most notable feature but, that’s not the only one.

Of course, as this is a pretty cool bike, we would to be limited edition. But, as much as the carbon fiber motorcycle is limited edition, it doesn’t stop Jay Leno from getting his hands on one. Surely, he of all people is capable to bring it into his famous garage and into his amazing collection. Additionally, he managed to contact John and Taylor and bring them to his garage.

In the video below, Jay Leno, John and Taylor talk about the carbon fiber motorcycle and are pretty detailed about it. Everything that you need to know and every question that may come to mind is already answered. The only thing that you need to do to find out more is to check out Jay Leno’s video. Enjoy the view!