Carbon SUV ebike to conquer both streets and dirt!

Carbon SUV ebikeCarbon SUV ebike is a motorcycle-inspired electric off-road bike. It’s a beefy and beautiful bike that won’t make you excite about pedaling uphill. Nevertheless, the carbon SUV ebike definitely knows how to turn heads and make a statement.

In addition, the carbon SUV ebike can come with a throttle thus, the aching calves can take a day off. When it comes to powering the carbon SUV ebike, it’s all about the buyer’s choice and what s/he is planning on doing with it. For an EU road-compliant 25 km/h pedelec top speed you can get the 250-watt 36 V Shimano Steps motor. Of course, you can go even further with the 500-watt 48 V mid-drive that reaches up to 35 km/h. The latter offer actually includes throttle. Moreover, the motor at work is powered by an internal 12 AH lithium-ion battery. The battery can take from six to eight hours to charge.

Carbon SUV ebike to conquer both streets and dirt!

Carbon SUV ebikeThe idea of having a throttle for more power is a pretty good one. It’s definitely not enticing pedaling a 60-something pound mini-motorcycle forward, pedal assist or not. Though, Moto Parilla claims that it will keep the weight below  66 lb/30 kg. Be that as it may, pedaling won’t be fun.

The carbon SUV ebike should tackle rough roads and open spaces, according to Moto Parilla. Places like Alaska, Africa, Iceland, South America and Russia shouldn’t be a problem for the carbon SUV ebike. The bike has a 49-mile (80-km) range so it’s unlikely that the riders will be venturing to the places in the saddle. Anyway, they would have to drive the bike in with a more traditional truck or car. If you’re thinking of exploring narrow tracks and tight areas that a car or a truck can’t access, they look elsewhere. The carbon SUV ebike just isn’t for you. Check it out!

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