Uranium P2 – How is uranium core made into nuclear fuel?

Uranium P2

Uranium P2 is a naturally-occurring element. We can find traces of it almost everywhere even though mining takes place where it is naturally concentrated. But finding it and making a nuclear fuel of it are two very different things. Uranium P2 – How is uranium ore made into nuclear fuel? One fuel bundle of uranium contains as much as energy

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Nitrous oxide system – How does this thing actually work?

Nitrous oxide system

Nitrous oxide system has one particular purpose – to increase the power output of the engine. It’s a quite appealing addition and because of this, there are a fair share of misconceptions and myths about it. Also, there are a lot of questions referring to its tuning, reliability etc. Contrary to popular opinion, nitrous oxide system is not a necessity

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How to build a rift stove out of two aluminum cans!

rift stove

Rift stove is a type of beverage-can stove or pop-can stove that has a bit of a different design that the others. Nevertheless, a can-stove as it is is a do-it-yourself alcohol-burning portable stove that has an amazing advantage- it’s ultralight. In addition, as the name itself suggests, its entirely made from aluminum cans and given that, there are countless

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This Badass 3500Hp Billet Duramax Can Handle 140 Pounds Of Boost!

3500Hp Billet Duramax This insane compound boosted DX 500 billet 3500hp Duramax diesel engine was on display at The Sema Show 2016. The 500ci V8 is boosted by a PSI blower and twin promod Precision turbochargers. It also has 24 nozzles of methanol/water. This Badass 3500Hp Billet Duramax Can Handle 140 Pounds Of Boost! Wagler Competition Products really outdone themselves. Jeremy Wagler

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Metal melter – How can one melt metal with magnets?

metal melter

Metal melter is a good thing to have but what if you don’t actually need one? It takes a lot of heat to melt metal and that normally requires some heavy-duty torch. In addition, you will have to do it manually. But, what if you need only a bit of wire and electricity to melt a chunk of metal? For

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Wankel rotary engine and its working principle explained!

Wankel rotary engine

Wankel rotary engine also known as a Wankel engine or a rotary engine was developed by Felix Wankel in the 1950s. The Wankel rotary engine is an internal combustion engine that uses the same principle of converting pressure into a rotating motion. However, this engine does it without the mechanical stress and vibrations at high rotational speeds of the piston

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Torsen differential for the most ingenious differential action so far!

Torsen differential

Torsen differential is a unique method of providing differential action and has many patented components. As a trademark of the JTEKT Corporation, it does an excellent job while overcoming the traction difference problem. In addition, its internal components are pretty different from the ones that you’ll find in a conventional differential. Thus, it’s worth checking out. At the heart of

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Magnets – The manufacturing process and their purpose explained!


Magnets are materials that are capable of exerting a noticeable force on other materials without (actually) contacting them. We know this particular force as magnetic force and it can either repel or attract. In other words, what may seem as mostly magic is actually magnetic. Magnets – The manufacturing process and their purpose explained! What’s even more amazing is that

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