1955 Chevrolet Pro Street Build – The West Virginia Monster!

1955 Chevrolet This ’55 Chevy was shot out at Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interior by ScottieDTV, and the story behind it is quite inspiring. This car has been with the same owner for 41 years. Ronnie Mullens of Craigsville, West Virginia is the owner of this beauty. Ronnie raced this Bel Air at the local drag strips in West Virginia where it

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Tig Brazing vs Tig Welding – What’s the better option?

Tig Brazing vs Tig Welding

Tig Brazing vs Tig Welding – what’s actually stronger and what should you use in what kind of circumstances? Yes, there are a lot of question referring to these matters. Luckily, this guy here apparently has all the answers. Tig Brazing means using a filler rod in an interesting way. This rod melts at a much lower temperature than the

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Wood Lathe and how to easily build one from scratch!

wood lathe

Wood Lathe is something that all mechanics need. Why? Well, you can use it for various things like making Christmas and birthday presents, ornaments and craft pretty much anything. The list is literally endless; it’s all left to your imagination. Establishing an effective home workshop is not an easy task because mostly, it requires patience. You have to slowly purchase

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Dreamy 1985 Chevy C10 Street Truck By Metal Brothers!

1985 Chevy C10 When it comes to customization of trucks, there is no shortage of the Chevrolet C10 trucks. In the video below, we ride along with ScottieDTV to check out a 1985 C10 street truck put together by the Metal Brothers who did a very impressive custom job! Dreamy 1985 Chevy C10 Street Truck By Metal Brothers! The attention to detail

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“EQUADOLINE” – A 1962 Ford Econoline With 4 Supercharged V8 Engines And 4,000 Hp!


“EQUADOLINE” This Ford Econoline is not like any other Ford that you’ve ever seen. Dubbed Equadoline, this truck is powered by 4 V8 Hemi engines which are also fitted with hemispherical head and superchargers. The Ford 4.6 Liter engines are capable of putting out about 4,000 Horsepower with their Holley double pumper carburetors & Weiand Teflon Blowers. “EQUADOLINE” – A 1962 Ford Econoline

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Custom Cadillac Hot Rod With Supercharged Cummins Engine!

Custom Cadillac

Custom Cadillac Hot Rod community is growing day by day and the Hot Rod vehicles are getting crazier and crazier. When a saw this custom Caddy, i saw an awesome car that is ready to merge with the rat rod community. Custom Cadillac Hot Rod With Supercharged Cummins Engine! As you can see, this beautiful piece of machinery is not yet

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