“EQUADOLINE” – A 1962 Ford Econoline With 4 Supercharged V8 Engines And 4,000 Hp!


“EQUADOLINE” This Ford Econoline is not like any other Ford that you’ve ever seen. Dubbed Equadoline, this truck is powered by 4 V8 Hemi engines which are also fitted with hemispherical head and superchargers. The Ford 4.6 Liter engines are capable of putting out about 4,000 Horsepower with their Holley double pumper carburetors & Weiand Teflon Blowers. “EQUADOLINE” – A 1962 Ford Econoline

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Custom Cadillac Hot Rod With Supercharged Cummins Engine!

Custom Cadillac

Custom Cadillac Hot Rod community is growing day by day and the Hot Rod vehicles are getting crazier and crazier. When a saw this custom Caddy, i saw an awesome car that is ready to merge with the rat rod community. Custom Cadillac Hot Rod With Supercharged Cummins Engine! As you can see, this beautiful piece of machinery is not yet

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1939 Plymouth Pickup Powered By a Radial Aircraft Engine!

1939 Plymouth

1939 Plymouth This amazing Plymouth Truck was built by the Corns family. What makes this truck so special is the 757 ci (12.4 L) Jacobs R-755-A2 radial aircraft engine sitting between the front wheels. The air-cooled engine came from a Cessna 195 and has seven cylinders and produces around 300 horsepower. 1939 Plymouth Pickup Powered By a Radial Aircraft Engine! The

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V12 LS1 Camaro – A Muscle Car That Is First Of Its Kind!

V12 LS1 Camaro

V12 LS1 Camaro This is probably one of the most wild builds at the 2016 SEMA Show. Mike Heim of Quality Custom Rides fitted his ’67 Camaro with one of the first V12 LS1 engines in the world, making this muscle car one of a kind. The V12 LS-engine was custom built and professionally assembled by using multiple engine blocks into

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Robotic dolphin and robotic shark – Amazing inventions!

Robotic dolphin

Robotic dolphin , robotic shark, the Jetovator and the Freedom Flyer are today’s most amazing invention that you can have fun with around water. Thanks to the YouTube star Devin Graham that’s also known As Devin Super Tramp, we have some futuristic toys on our radar. In the video below, he and his crew take the robotic dolphin , the Freedom

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1963 Dodge Polara – Product Of a Dream And Intense Focus!

1963 Dodge Polara This incredible Dodge is known to the hot rod world as Max Hemi. It was built on the popular weekly hit series “American Hot Rod” by the legendary Boyd Coddington with design and fabrication input from Max Cohen, a 16 year old Lukemia patient whose greatest wish was realized in the build of this great Hot Rod.

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1971 Chevrolet Camaro Street Machine “Enigma” By Gap Racing!

1971 Chevrolet Camaro The main attraction at the SEMA Show are always the muscle cars, and it’s no different with this stunning Chevy dubbed “Enigma”. This amazing Camaro was built by GAP Racing from Texas. GAP Racing left this year’s SEMA Show with the Chevy Design Award for “Best Crate Engine Build.” 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Street Machine “Enigma” By Gap Racing! The paint from Painthouse

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