Universal Hovercraft has the perfect ground effect hovercraft for you!

Universal Hovercraft

Universal Hovercraft – what kind of hovercraft could that be? Well, imagine something that is capable of going over water, land, ice and snow. It’s pretty mind-blowing but that’s exactly what the folks at Universal Hovercraft are all about. The hovercraft that Universal Hovercraft offers is a multi-purpose vehicle meant for transportation and recreation. In addition to that, their hovercraft

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Transforming Optimus Prime costume to sweep you off your feet

Transforming Optimus Prime

Transforming Optimus Prime costume isn’t not just a way to be the center of attention during Halloween. It’s how you win fans from all over the world throughout the year. Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy in the most amazing costumes that we’ve laid our eyes on this year. Yes, the holiday is really

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Riding lawn mower – It’s not as safe as it looks like!

Riding lawn mower

Riding lawn mower – can anyone do it? Well, of course but, it takes a lot more concentration and skills that one might think. At least that’s what I can say after watching the video below. When spring comes, in every part of the world, people are starting to get their lawn mowers ready. If you haven’t had any real

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