Chainsaw powered motorcycle – The two-wheels madness in a nutshell

Chainsaw powered motorcycleChainsaw powered motorcycle is one of the weirdest creations we’ve ever seen when it comes to two wheelers. Yes, we’ve seen various bikes with exotic engines. There are aircraft radials, V8s, V4s, V6s. But, when it comes to sheer outrageousness, the chainsaw powered motorcycle may be pretty hard to beat. 

The chainsaw powered bike is also known as the Dolmette Chainsaw Bike. It’s 4 meters long and the guy who constructed it is Roetger Feldmann, a German comic writer. Who said that writers don’t make a difference? Given the fact that he is a comic writer, this whole thing actually makes a lot more sense. The Dolmette is definitely something that you could come across in a comic book. Except that, of course, this one is quite real.

Chainsaw powered motorcycle – The two-wheels madness in a nutshell

Chainsaw powered motorcycleThe chainsaw powered motorcycle actually exists from 2004. It features 24 two-stroke Dolmar chainsaw engines; the builder combined them in pairs. The result is fairly simple – twelve twin-cylinder engines that together displace 1,900cc. How’s that for a successful experiment? The transmission on the chainsaw powered bike is a 5-speed Harley-Davidson. Take everything into consideration and you have 130 Nm of torque and 170 horsepower.

The builder mounted the twelve engines that I’ve previously mentioned in two rows. They are on each side of the drive belt casing. Via a double-sided drive belt, the builder managed to couple together the individual motors in sets of three. Nevertheless, they aren’t rigidly connected. They manage to deliver their power through the centrifugal clutch. This is a standard feature that you can find on a Dolmar chainsaw.

All in all, the chainsaw powered motorcycle is just madness in motion on two wheels. Check it out in the video below and enjoy!