Always choose forged wheels over cast, and here’s why!

choose forged wheelsAlways choose forged wheels over cast, and here’s why! Ever wonder why those rims you bought online were so cheap? It’s because they are cast, and cheaply cast at that!¬†Forged and cast rims differ in terms of manufacturing process. Forged rims are made from solid aluminum billets. Aluminum billets are heated (but not melted) to allow hydraulic pressure machines to forge them into shapes of wheels rims; afterwards, the rims are further processed on lathes.

Always choose forged wheels over cast!

Cast rims, on the other hand, are made from aluminum melted into liquid form and then poured into molds for cooling. The structure and strength of solid aluminum is by all means superior to that of liquid aluminum. Being produced with intense pressure, forged wheel rims are 3 times stronger than cast ones. In addition, forged rims are light (25~30% lighter than cast rims), impact-resistant and durable, which are musts for reducing the total weight of a car and lead to better fuel efficiency, longer brake system life and relatively safer driving.

The rims that this guy was running just shredded in spectacular fashion when he hit a jump going a bit too fast, sending his Dodge Ram 1500 100 feet through the air to a hard landing. That landing snapped the center of the wheel, leaving just the center section still on the wheel and sending the rest of the tire and wheel 30 feet away! Check it out!