Complete destruction in seconds: CAPE crash testing of a semi truck!


Check out the video and see a complete destruction in seconds, as a semi-truck doesn’t pass the crash test with flying colors! CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, is the only crash test facility of its kind in the world. They have the equipment and expertise to help companies improve their products through unsurpassed quality, credibility, responsiveness, and precise results. That’s what it means to be “CAPE Tested.”

Bearing in mind the size and weight of the semi truck it is no wonder that it ended up the way it did. The truck’s unstoppable force collides with an immobile object. The test dummy which doesn’t have seat belt on is flying even though surrounded with thousands of pounds of steel. Through this video IMMI wants to highlight the risk of not wearing a seat belt. We thought that the truck would hold up better, but it crumbles like a cookie! Check it out!