Copper Hayabusa – a bike that features real US mint pennies

Copper Hayabusa Copper Hayabusa is a bike that’s definitely unlike anything we’ve seen before; and we’ve seen a lot.

How many times have you seen a bike that has pennies as part of its design on the streets? Well, I sure know I haven’t. Though, if somebody has told me that they are planning to build such a bike out of the blue I wouldn’t really be keen on the idea. However, seeing it like this, one must admit that it’s a perfectly innovative piece of art. It started off as a 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa and thanks to Super Streetbike it became a dream-come-true – Copper Hayabusa to Tony Lowe.

Copper Hayabusa – a bike that features real US mint pennies.

Copper HayabusaWhen we’re talking about how much the design of the bike is awesome it would be a shame not to mention all the other things that are to it. First of all, Copper Hayabusa the custom mixed creme brown and the chocolate brown with metallic make for one really interesting blend when it comes to bikes. In addition, the custom built clear case for tablet is also quite modern and to a certain extent, practical. Obviously, every little detail on the “Small Change” has be thought through carefully to make one of the most extraordinary creatures of the century in the world of motorcycles.

Copper Hayabusa Nevertheless, the design may be eye’catching but, it’s not the only admirable feature of the Copper Hayabusa. The camera, 8-inch digital tablet, full stereo system, digital gauge and 3 light controllers for RGB LEDs can be said to be interestingly impressive. Furthermore, this thing features 1500 watt amp, 2-1 inch tweeters, 2-6 inch mid range, 925v extra battery custom ( mounted under swing-arm ), 7 color gauge, air ride, power and ground block and a custom built subwoofer box.

Copper Hayabusa All in all, this is truly a wonderful creation that can serve as an inspiration to all custom builders and shops out there. Having a unique idea always does the trick, doesn’t it? Now, maybe not everyone will like it but, nobody can say that it isn’t one of a kind – enjoy the view!

Copper Hayabusa Copper Hayabusa

Copper Hayabusa Copper Hayabusa

Copper Hayabusa Copper Hayabusa. Source: