Cougar Cycle – Mercury Cougar turned into a motorcycle!

Cougar CycleCougar Cycle – Classical Mercury Cougar transformed into an epic motorcycle!

The Mercury Cougar, as a true classic, is a well-known name for the unique series of automobiles. These beauties were designed and manufactured by the cool child of Ford Motor Company, called Mercury, for 30 years. These cars were considered astonishing in their glory days and many wanted to sit behind the wheel of a true Mercury.

Cougar Cycle – Classical Mercury Cougar turned into a an amazing motorcycle!

You would think that a person who owns one now would like to make it a cool old timer with modern gadgets and catchy design but, this particular Mercury Cougar was transformed into something else. It’s not a car nor a motorcycle to be precise. it’s rather both! Check out the video and hear it start up!┬áCougar Cycle video below!