CoupeR Design’s “Obsidian SG One” 1967 Ford Mustang!

CoupeR Design'sCoupeR Design’s

One of the best exhibits that SEMA show has ever featured is this Couper Design’s 1967 Ford Mustang. This is not just any Mustang, it’s a 1.3 million dollars worth of investment Mustang. It’s called Obsidian SG One 1967 Mustang. It’s designed and built by CoupeR Design and the name came after many discussions between the owner/financier Steve Groat and Matt Couper, the Obsidian stands for the color (obsidian lava rock), SG are the initials of the owner Steve Groat and the One means only ONE will be built. Ever.

CoupeR Design’s “Obsidian SG One” 1967 Ford Mustang!

Some of the features on this car are amazing, it has 18″ front and 20″ rare CoupeR wheels, 13.7″ Brake Rotors with 4 Piston Calipers, over eighteen unique CoupeR Design body modifications, 3000 watt Sound System with 14 Speakers, 10.5″ Touch Screen, Satellite Radio, Computer System with Navigation Touch Screens, DVD and internet access and many many more. Under the hood it has twin-supercharged, twin-intercooled 392 stroker engine, mated to a 5-speed manual Tremac transmission producing 900 Hp!

This Mustang is a mixture between old school and modern and it’s amazing, check it out!!