What Is Crankshaft Grinding And How Is It Done Properly?!?

The crankshaft is basically the heart of any engine.  It is the one part that converts the oscillating, linear movement of the piston, by means of connecting rods, into rotational movements.

These rotational movements furthermore drive the engine of the car of other vehicle. However, the crankshaft has a very wide variety of applications and is used anywhere where power and energy and transformed into rotational movements. Its applications range from chainsaws to automotive engines all the way up to generators found in marine engines.

There are a lot of processes that the crankshaft goes through and given its reputation it’s really not a big surprise. Among those is the crankshaft grinding. In this process, a machine removes material from the journals in an effort to refurbish and reuse a vital part of an engine.  Most often, the grinding of the crankshaft is done during the process of rebuilding and engine. Additionally, it brings some performance aspects as well.