“Crusher”, an unstoppable six wheeled autonomous robot!


“Crusher”, this six-wheeled autonomous robot is capable of maneuvering through ditches, walls, streams and even other vehicles whilst raining down a hail of bullets against its enemies. It was fundedDARPA – The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It was developed as a project at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute! The primary function of this unstoppable vehicle was for support roles and military observations of a region. It is very flexible and it can carry enormous payloads.

“Crusher”, an unstoppable six wheeled autonomous robot!

The Crusher will be able to navigate autonomously over extreme and difficult terrain. The robot is armed with a large caliber gun, long range cameras that can spot enemy targets up to two and half miles away, as well as GPS sensors and internal maps to plot out its route. Surprisingly, the Crusher’s engine is ripped from popular modern day machinery and devices including a Volkswagen Jetta’s diesel engine, an X-Box 360 controller for remote control and a hacked Apple iPhone which gives remote updates of the Crusher’s internal diagnostics. It is very silent, and can run on battery power. Check it out in the video below: