Custom 4 rotor RX7 – Welcome to the streets of Tokyo!!!

Custom 4 rotor RX7Custom 4 rotor RX7

Tokyo and the whole country always have amazing vehicles to show off-from fast to mind-blowing. Yuki Kamakura`s 1997 Vintage, JDM 4 Series – RS FD3S that you’re about to see in the video has an amazing reputation and don’t even bother asking yourself why; you’ll just hear the sound in the video below. But, it’s not just that. Starting from the shiny white color and the amazing exterior to the beast that’s lying under the hood, this car is just absolutely stunning.

Custom 4 rotor RX7!!!

However, here is the interesting part: Scoot Sports Japan’s work of art reaches 10.000 rmp- the roars of this thing are unbelievable. So, next time you see a big fuzz over a ride and you think that this one’s around, be sure that the ultimate turn-header is this custom 4 rotor RX7 build.

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