Custom BMW K100 Scrambler – Unique, stylish and dangerous!

Custom BMW K100 ScramblerCustom BMW K100 Scrambler – saved from the harsh world and non-artistic cruelty.

The BMW K100, upon its release, was not seen as something that will bring a huge success and at the time it was “only” moderately popular; however as time went by people had gradually come to appreciate the idea of a BMW bike that’s not a boxer twin. Thus, the K series motorcycles nowadays are considered to be one of the best vintage cruiser on the market.

Custom BMW K100 Scrambler – Unique, stylish and dangerous

The BMW K100 that you’ll see in the video below is the work a custom motorcycle garage, based in Vermont, called Vintage Steele. Namely, they got the K100 by trading it for another bike and according to the folks that work there, it was one of the roughest examples they have ever come across. They say that it had stickers on it from Florida, Vermont and Alaska. In addition, the fairing was removed and replaced with a piece of angle iron and one of the previous owners even bolted plastic toolboxes to the frame (serving as a luggage space).
Then, the team at Papa Wolf Supply Co reached out to them asking to build a custom for The One Motorcycle Show. They accepted the idea of a K100 scrambler and the process began. Surely, it took a lot to get the questionable improvements.

The finished motorcycle is probably one of the best custom BMW K100 scrambler that we’ve ever laid our eyes on. It will probably inspire a number of such builds given the fact how affordable K series BMW’s are in the majority of the countries. Custom BMW K100 Scrambler video below!