Custom Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics!

Custom Honda CX500Custom Honda CX500

‘With age comes beauty’ can be used to perfectly describe this custom beauty. Despite production ending over three decades ago, the Honda CX500 is still one of the best bikes for customization.

This stylish Honda was customized by Justin Holmes of PopBand Classics, a small custom shop on Australia’s Gold Coast. The bike originally costed $500 dollars and appeared in completely dismantled form.

Custom Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics!

The client who commissioned the bike had only two demands, the bike to be green and to have the biggest tires possible.

The customization began by molding a Norton-shape fuel tank out of fibreglass and modifying the tunnel to fit the CX500 backbone. The new Chromoly rear frame was re-shaped and mounted with extended shocks to form a more refined, comfortable position.

The V-twin has now been glass-blasted and completely rebuilt with a new crank and pistons, and Justin’s even fitted a hydraulic clutch, with matching master cylinders on the clip-on bars.

The headlight is a vintage spotlight with a brass ring and mount, matching the brass highlights elsewhere.

For the finishing touches, he decorated the bike in iconic British Racing Green, alongside custom stained timber effect and gold leaf pinstripe detailing.

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