Custom Yamaha XSR900 – luxurious ride with brutish nature!

Custom Yamaha XSR900Custom Yamaha XSR900 – a project for the win.

Picking the right donor for a custom project isn’t as easy as it sounds and can be quite a daunting task. Moreover, if you’ve got the cash, then there is a good reason go for a new-ish machine – one that starts every time, meaning modern suspension. With that, the XSR900 can surely cross one’s mind. It’s a bike that has a brutish nature and some modern amenities like switchable power maps and ABS. The looks are also quite appealing.

Custom Yamaha XSR900Per Nielse and Nicholas Bech, the Danish duo that has recently adapted the slogan  ‘Wrenched from Black’ made one notorious custom Yamaha XSR900. Let’s just say that there is really more than just a murder-out paint job going on here. Every angle of this custom Yamaha XSR900 has been massaged into please creating a mash-up of menace and minimalism that we really like. The seat is one-off but, the tank covers are stock. The boxes have been binned and the originally house electronics inside have been relocated.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 – luxurious ride with brutish nature

Custom Yamaha XSR900Another thing that this Custom Yamaha XSR900 doesn’t feature are the original ultra-modern cast wheels. Instead, a pair of Borrani rims take their place with 9 mm stainless steel spokes. The handles and brakes of the XSR900 are well out of the box but, the Wrenchmonkees didn’t mind making a few enhancements. There’s TRW brake disc, K-Tech shock and Gilles Tooling chain adjusters fitting the big picture.

The front brakes have been upgraded and the entire system now, is hooked up with braided hoses. In addition, there is high-rise Magura handlebars, Biltwell Renegade grips and a MT-03-style headlight keeping the front-end trimmed.

Custom Yamaha XSR900The Wrenchmonkees decided to keep the XSR900’s speedo as it is one of the best looking stock units on the market. However, the switch-gear has been ditched for minimal switches from the Motogadget.

A suitable soundtrack is being provided thanks to a SC Project silencer on a modified MT-09 System. The crew that stand behind this awesome build isn’t really going for excess. That’s why this project is a result of years of experience as obviosuly, every step of it has been considered quite carefully and in detail. That’s not easy to emulate.

Custom Yamaha XSR900Luckily, as with other bikes, Wrenchmonkees’ plan is to retail the parts used on the custom Yamaha XSR900, which would made it easy for XSR900 owners to make a project of their own that resembles this one.

Custom Yamaha XSR900Custom Yamaha XSR900

Custom Yamaha XSR900Custom Yamaha XSR900