Custom Zero SR – The electric motorcycle had to be notorious!!!

Custom Zero SR Custom Zero SR – sooner or later, it was bound to happen.

First thing first; Custom Zero SR sells as many bikes in a whole year as Harley sells in a day. Tesla may have managed to electrify the car market but, electric bikes seem to be left behind in that matter. Nevertheless, if you are to buy an electric bike, then Custom Zero SR is the finest choice. Why? Well, for starters, it is the fastest model in the Californian company range. The price tag on this bike is $14,395; about the same as a Triumph Speed Triple R or a Harley-Davidson Low Rider.

Custom Zero SR The price may sound unreasonable but, you get a breath-taking performance bike; the right hand control 106 lb-ft of torque- that’s more that a Suzuki Hayabusa or an EBR 11900RX. Its looks, however, are far less exciting. But, that’s where Ram Ram Januar of White Colar comes in with a classic racer vibe to suit the performance of the Zero.

Custom Zero SR According to him, he threw out everything but the chassis and the battery and made the bodywork in carbon fiber afterwards. The rims were also made by him (he used 7075-T7 billet aluminum). In addition, he installed the brake calipers and the forks from a Yamaha YZF-R1. The Zero SR has no transmission or clutch and it’s direct drive to the back wheel. In that case, Ram ditched the rear brake pedal and installed a left-hand brake lever.

Custom Zero SR Custom Zero SR – Another thing that Ram took care of is the sound. He says that the original Zero has no sound and that according to him that’s quite dangerous when riding a motorcycle. Thanks to him, however, on the custom Zero SR the rider can choose between ‘sound mode’ and ‘silent mode’ with just a simple button. If you’re asking yourself where that sound comes from, Ram has given the answer: from the electric motor itself. Namely, he enhanced the sound with a microphone that he attached to the motor, a  7.5-inch speaker and an amplifier.
Custom Zero SR The custom Zero SR resembles a remarkably professional build and to some, an improvement of the stock version styling. Enjoy!Custom Zero SR

Custom Zero SR
Custom Zero SR