Daddy Dave and “Goliath” suffer a terrifying crash at the Amarillo Dragway!

Daddy Dave, the Street Outlaws Star Slammed its Goliath at No Prep Race!

Daddy Dave and “Goliath” suffer a terrifying crash at the No Prep event at Amarillo Dragway! No prep racing should be fun, but as you can see in this video below, it can sometimes end in disaster. The Discovery’s show Street Outlaws is very popular along with its star Daddy Dave and his amazing Chevy II Nova.

Things went really wrong for him at the No Prep this August. Steve Lamberson, race operations manager at Amarillo Dragway, witnessed the accident — when Comstock’s vehicle lost control. “It just overpowered the racetrack,” Lamberson said. “It was basically halfway down the racetrack where it made impact with the guardrail.” The car went out of the drag strip’s groove, and luckily, despite the car being toasted and the seatbelt broken, the driver survived.

Check out this horrible crash!