Daredevil old lady steals a BMW M3 and does epic donuts and drifts!


Imagine being out for some fun in your BMW M3 and someone just takes off in it. You’d probably freak out as far as freaking out goes. However, what if the one who took off in your BMW is an old grandma who just wants to take your car for a bit of a drift? That’s probably the part when you get over it; well, at least for some.

The video below that appears to be filmed on a phone-camera shows us that exact situation. An old lady just gets in the E46 BMW M3 and starts doing some donuts and drifts while the owner’s losing his mind. The video may look like a setup to you and, in a way, it actually is, but we get that only at the end of the video where we see that in fact, this is an advertisement for car rental service.

Anyway, that old granny can hoon!