DIY car lift MR1 is the most adjustable car lift you can get!

DIY car liftDIY car lift – an extremely helpful addition to a garage of any car enthusiast who needs it.

Usually, it takes a long time to raise your car as using stands, blocks and small jacks isn’t as easy at it looks like. When you finally get underneath, you are bound to face yet another challenge – the space is limited and uncomfortable and to face facts, a bit dangerous. However, one may say that you can always turn to professional lifts and post lifts; unfortunately, not many of us can afford such a “luxury”. Also, you may find it difficult to cope with problems such as low headroom, the car lift being wider that the car, obstructed doors due to its width and most of all impracticality.

I don’t want to imply that every possible aspect of using such equipment is of no use; just that there are things that you need to take into consideration before deciding what will suit your needs best. Sometimes, it’s better to check all the options that are available and this particular DIY car lift is not something you want to turn your back to.

DIY car lift MR1 is the most adjustable car lift you can get

The creator of this amazing piece of equipment is Mike Dawes, and UK Chartered Engineer and a car enthusiast, who gladly designed the so-called DIY car lift – friendly MR1. His invention is the simplest known “tool” that can raise a vehicle horizontally on all its wheels; thus, enabling the body work to be suspended for wok on the wheels, suspension, drive-train or engine at a comfortable height.

Providing a clear floor space underneath this DIY car lift gives you the opportunity to use a mechanics creeper – all withing arms reach. In addition, you can also park your car on the lift, just to save storage space. Working on the topsides or inside is also something you can do when the car is raised as well as moving the work outside ( the trolley hack under the lifting beam can be used to haul the car lift out after you can put skate boards under the hinged supports). What’s even more awesome is that the user can match the width of the car to it so, using it inside a congested garage with little room is also a possibility that you’re granted if you’re considering this item. Most, importantly, the MR1 DIY car lift can be operated by one person only in less than 2 minutes.

As you can see, this DIY car lift brings many benefits to its user. The fact that it is portable, easy to operate, practical and most of all safe is something that people who struggle with such issues will come to appreciate. There are 3 versions of the DIY car lift – MR1 car lift available : MR1 Classic lift, MR1 Modern lift and DIY car lift – MR1 Heavy lift. The differ in the weight they can handle and the size of the car you need them for. DIY car lift video below!