Incredible DIY Underwater Breathing Device!

DIY Underwater Breathing DeviceDIY Underwater Breathing Device

Rulof Maker is a youtuber that creates all kinds of cool DIY stuff. This guy has taken “DIY” to a whole new level. In the video below, he shows us how to use some common items to create an underwater breathing device.

This little underwater breathing device is one of the coolest we have seen so far and you can make it yourself!

Incredible DIY Underwater Breathing Device!

This small device uses a water nebuliser, also known as a water mister, as the core of the apparatus. It’s essentially a hand-held pump, which you normally use to pressurize water enough for it to spray on your face as a mist.

All you need is some basic items like super glue, an old snorkel, nail polish caps, 6mm clear plastic tubing and a few other items and your ready to go.

If anyone decides to try this, remember, caution goes with this device. Don’t go deeper than 4 meters as air will expand and can hurt your lungs, and be sure to exhale while ascending!

Check it out!!