Do Nothing Machine -740 gear and 16 years later it still lives up to its name

Do Nothing MachineDo Nothing Machine is a machine that found its way to popularity in a peculiar way. As the name implies, you can’t use this machine for pretty much anything. You can’t even play with it. Nevertheless, the story behind it is quite interesting.

The retired clockmaker Lawrence Wahlstrom found a complex arrangement of gears, back in the 1940s. He has always been obsessed with gears, so it’s no wonder that he was mesmerized by what he was seeing. More precisely, he stumbled upon a WWII bomb sight harboring a pile of gears and he began to think. After that, he began to work on a machine that would become the precursor to the machines that are considered useless today. Thus, the Do Nothing Machine.

Do Nothing Machine -740 gear and 16 years later it still lives up to its name

Do Nothing MachineThe Do Nothing Machines has 740 gears, meaning that it has over 700 moving parts that are achieving absolutely nothing. Currently, the Craftsmanship Museum houses the Do Nothing Machine. After the machine got its popularity, Lawrence didn’t stop working on it. They say that he kept adding gears to his marvelous invention.

Now, you may think that as a Do Nothing Machine, it has no purpose. That may be just partly true as the inventor wanted to depict something else by building it. The Craftsmanship Museum, says that Lawrence built this machine because he realized something about people. According to him, people don’t want to be educated, they just want to be entertained.  Well, we certainly agree on him with that one. How else would this machine become so famous otherwise?

So yes, he did build it to entertain himself and those who are interested in this kind of work. Furthermore, the reason that he built it for still proves to be very genuine as people want this machine and it really does nothing. Check it out!