Dodge Polara – an 1961 Vintage California cop car hits the streets

Dodge PolaraDodge Polara – and not just any Polara but a police car Polara taken for a spin!

Apart from the ugliest cars in the world, police cars are probably the most unloved of any types of cars. Those who don’t drive them dread the sight of them and those who do put them through incredibly severe use. They are just bunch of unromantic tools that are used hard and then, auctioned off.

This one, however, got to be restored. After sitting out in the sun for several decades, it underwent an amazing restoration. by craftsmen at the Automobile Club of Southern California.

But, that is why Jay Leno focuses on one particular police car, a Dodge Polara that he sees as a particularly special one. It’s a lovingly restored 1961 Dodge Polara that used to be a California Highway Patrol vehicle. The details on this Polara are fascinating : the car got a different carburetor. Nevertheless, they didn’t hope to change the engine but just bring it up to working order. Yes, this Dodge Polara features a 413-cubic-inch V8 along with a radio, certified speedometer, and emergency lighting.

Dodge Polara – an 1961 Vintage California cop car hits the streets

Dodge Polara

In this whole process, the guys at ACSC even found out that the engine could crank out more that the factory quote of 325 HP. This Dodge Polara recorded 332 HP and 406 pound-feet of torque on the dyno.

After a long discussion about this car’s history and its abandonment and the way it was returned to its glory, Jay hops in the driver’s seat. Then, he takes the cruiser for a spin on the highways of L.A. There, the exercises the transmission kick-down and eve reaches 60-80 mph passing power.

Check out how Jay Leno brings it back on the road to its natural habitat!