Dotz BMW DD1 hits the Australian alps with drifting madness!

Dotz BMW DD1Dotz BMW DD1 is here and finally, we can see the notorious touge drift that we’ve been waiting for.

The DD1 has a brand new look and it showcases it on an Australian alpine pass road. Based on a Japanese underground scene of touge racer Dotz provides us with an impeccable action on the winding rote. If we are to talk about the appearance of the Dotz BMW DD1, then we’ll probably say it’s perfect. The white-black paint combination never looks bad on anything, especially to a fan of the classic looks.

Dotz BMW DD1 hits the Australian alps with drifting madness

When it comes to the action, however, I don’t think that anyone will argue about its awesomeness. The 265/30 and 225/30 Vredestein tires those wheels are obviously leaving marks on the concrete. Well, in case someone forgets what kind of ride drove over it. In addition, the newly designed DD1 appears to take the road with pretty swift and natural movements. The Dotz BMW DD1 is like the best dancer at the International and we didn’t expect any less of it.

Behind the wheel of the DD1 is Dominic Tiroch, who we have already seen driving this car in the video “Kings of Highway”. ¬†He and the Dotz crew spent 3 days in the Alps to film the video. Their motto was no tricks included as ¬†everything was recorded in real-time and full speed mode. Smoking tires all over the Alps on all curves and corner- enjoy the action!