Dragster crashes at 320 mph just to come back on track later on

Dragster crashesDragster crashes at 320 mph and miraculously survives just to come back to the good old scene like nothing happened. We’re talking about┬áTony Schumacher, one of the best dragsters that the world has even seen.

If you talk to a person who has gone fast, they’ll tell you that reaching a 200 mph mark is insane. The feeling is surely special and quite inexplicable but that’s not all that it can be. Reaching such a speed is incredibly dangerous and even the slightest mistake or mechanical failure is likely to have an enormous impact. Of course, we are all well aware of that but the thing is dragsters make a living of it. More importantly, they love doing what they do and some of them, unfortunately, pay the prize.

Dragster crashes at 320 mph just to come back on track later on

Dragster crashesWe won’t say that Tony Shumacher, the dragster who crashed at 320 mph and lived to tell the tale was lucky, considering what has happened to him. Nevertheless, we can’t say that he is lucky to be alive.

As he was living the best days of his life, regarding to his career, the unimaginable happened. In one of his most important races, he lost control of his Top Fuel Dragster. What’s even more catastrophic is that he crashed at 320 mph. Now that’s a scary sight for anyone.

They barely got him out of the Top Fuel dragster and most of the people who saw the crash were positive that he is certainly dead. But to their surprise, Tony Shumacher was still breathing and he hadn’t experience any injuries on his neck and spine. After some surgeries and therapy sessions, he was back on his feet again.

After all that he has been through, you would think that Tony would simply hang up the fire suit. On contrary, as soon as he was in good condition, he slid his way back into the competition, step by step.