Drifters beware- This 15 year old kid does know how to drift!


Better watch out drifters because here’s a potential legend in the world of drifting- Jack Shanahan. This boy is only 15 years old and yet, he managed to make a name for himself by competing against some serious drifters, probably best one in Europe. In 2014 Shanahan took part in several championships within Europe with Drift Allstars as his priority.  He’s a true example of how devotion, motivation, and hard work can change a person.

Jack comes from Ireland and it is clearly visible that he has made a huge impression in his home territory. He just focused on drifting since young age and that’s what he is excelled at now.  But, he is not the only member of the family that has such a gift. You should see what his younger, 11 year old brother can do and let’s not mention his skillful father!

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