Drifting failed – When your tire decides it has had enough!

Drifting failedDrifting failed -When your tire decides that it’s just enough- the signs are pretty obvious.

Driving and drifting all day long may seem like an exceptionally fun experience but, don’t forget that you’re not the only one that’s part of it- your ride is in it too. Whether you’re one of those people who like to see vehicles as “beings” or not, it doesn’t really matter; all you really need to know before watching the drifting failed video below is that apparently, tires can get fed up with your persistence and just give up on you, at least for the given day.

Drifting failed -When your tire decides it has had enough drifting for today

At the beginning of the drifting failed video, we thought we’re about to witness a crash or something similar, however, it turned out a lot better. The driver of the BMW is clearly having the time of his life, going sideways and screeching the tires when suddenly, his front left wheel just decides that it’s time to come off and roll away from him. We just hope that the brakes aren’t too damaged and that they were able to slap the wheel to get back home – as for the other part – it’s hilarious! drifting failed video below!