Drifting in style: Nick Schnell glides his 1JZ-fitted S13 Nissan 240SX!


What happens when Nick Schnell’s S13 Nissan 240SX gets fitted with a 1JZ? Well, you’re about to see. The beast of a ride is taken on a closed course to do some mountain drifts in style, of course, with Schnell behind the wheel. I’m sure you all know how skillful he is but, you really need to see the video.

The footage is as professional as it gets, the scenes are awesome, and the whole show is just stunning. As for the Nissan we assure you; not only does it look good it also drifts like crazy. Fitted with a 1JZ it makes some serious smoke while burning the tires and when Schnell slides it around, it looks like it’s the easiest thing to do on this Earth.  Now click play and enjoy some in the action!