Drifting motorcycle crashes in the heat of the action!

Drifting motorcycleDrifting motorcycle goes the wrong way.

Did you think that those people who hop behind the wheel of a car and do insane things are not in the right state of mind? Well, there are those who beg to differ. Plus, you cannot just deny the fact that the adrenaline rush is not enough to do something crazy on a bike or with a vehicle. There are people who live to feel that rush!

However, things can go wrong. We’ve been witnessing fails, accidents, and terrible crashes since the beginning of the automotive industry. The fact is that there will always be drivers and riders who respect the law and those who defy everything. When we’re at defying, let’s talk about people who defy physics. Well, you’re about to see one of them in action.

Drifting motorcycle crashes in the heat of the action

The motorcycle rider in the video below got a bit ahead of himself to say the least. We’re fans of all kinds of drifting, no matter whether it’s a car, truck or a bike. But, drifting and doing stunts in traffic. There is a NO sign right next to that idea. Though, people such as this guy never seem to care.

As he is blasting through traffic with his drifting motorcycle, feeling the heat in the moment, everything changes in a split second. The back tire is spinning like crazy and suddenly, he loses control. Consequently, his drifting motorcycle slides out from under him and continues on the journey on the road on its own.

From the looks of it, the rider wasn’t heavily injured. He hopped right back on his bike and pulled off an impressive wheelie later on. Nevertheless, we can’t act like there was no chance of a more serious consequence. Though, I doubt that he learn the lesson, I’m sure you will. Check it out!