Drifting on snow in a Corvette C6 and a Supra! Only in Russia!

Drifting on snowCorvette and Supra epic drifting on snow! Only in Russia! Extreme talent on extreme weather conditions… Where else can you see a Corvette and a Supra drifting through the snow like this? Slick roads and some incredible skill are what is needed to push these two supercars to the snowy edge of their capacity!

Drifting on snow in a Corvette C6 and a Supra!

Drifting is an art in its own, but these fellas in Russia decided to kick it up a notch, taking to the Russian wilderness in a C6 Corvette and a Toyota Supra to get their snow drift on, though. They far surpass anything we thought was “cool” in the high school parking lot years ago.┬áNot only do these drivers clearly have skill, but they can hold the tandem drifts too, something mighty tricky when an unknown patch of ice of snow could take control out of your hands, quite literally. Check out this wild action in the snow!