Drifting the adult version of Razor’s Crazy Cart XL is the ultimate spinning fun!


Well, kids aren’t the only ones who want to pretend that they’re race car drivers and that’s the reason for this creation, the Crazy Cart XL. The original compact go-kart-like innovation featured a steerable wheel that allowed drivers to do some astonishing turns and spins. Sadly, it wasn’t made for adults and there is a weight limitation of 140 pounds. However, it’s not that the Crazy Cart wasn’t strong enough for adults but, that extra weight meant that speed will be limited which equals less fun.  That’s why this grown up version was made. Oh, just take our money and be done with it!

The XL version features a lot larger and stronger frame, 500-watt electric motor, a more powerful battery, and maybe one of the “most important” features is the bigger seat. Nobody should feel cramped when doing some fun spins! This one can handle up to about 300 pounds in weight and the top speed that it reaches is 17 mph. This insanely cool creation is truly a thing that you won’t be able to keep your hands off. See what those freely spins look like!